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Japanese Hot Spa with shower
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Information of Accommodation

The accommodation is not the hotel of international standard but a Japanese inn. Everything must be very different from your ordinary life style.

You may come across any disgusting occasion(s). Please do accept the Japanese way including a lack of privacy.

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Address: Tomizawa408, Kamiicho, Asahikawa,
Hokkaido, Japan
Tel +81 166 63 0111

Fax +81 166 63 0123

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The Tokiya-Tei ownes three private buses, which can be used for picking you up either at JR Asahikawa Railway Station or at Asahikawa Airport, if you have booked to do so in advance
To make it possible, we need to know your exact date and time of arrival.

The hotel will provide with Yukata(Japanese pajama), small towel and tooth brush.

The liquid soaps are equipped in the bath room.

We apologize in advance for any incovenience due to the different cultural/living style.

View Side Hotel "Tokiya-Tei"