Please pay attention, the fees are slightly increased.

We appreciate your undestanding and cooperation.

We request you to pay the registration fees by the end of May.

The registration fees shall be 48,000 Japanese yen per person,

which includes 9 nights accommodation with three meals a day

(except two dinners) and registration for team and individual


If you do not participate in the competition, the fees shall

remain the same. If you stay longer, the additional expense shall

be 4,800 Japanese yen per night per person, which includes

breakfast and dinner.

If you stay shorter, the deductable cost shall be 4,600 Japanese

yen per night per person. This condition shall be applied to those

who have informed us by the end of May.

It is very helpful for us if you pay as a team instead of paying

individually. When your payment is made, please attach or send

the details of your payment : We need to know the details of

your payment.

The payment (deposit) shall be made by the end of May by one

of the following ways ;

1) Postal Rimittance

Send to : Mr Toshimichi Taketomi

Address : 2-2-22, Shinoharahigashi, Kouhoku-ku,

Yokohama, Japan, 222-0022

2) To the Bank Account

Registered Name : Japan Boomerang Association

Account No. : 5336245

Account Type : Savings Account

Bank Name : Mitsui Sumitomo Bank (SMBC)


Branch : Marunouchi branch, Branch No. 245

Address : 3-4-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku,

Tokyo 100-0005


Do not forget to mention in your payment

"Fees for 2006 WBC in Asahikawa ! ".